#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Air and Earth #FourElements #LGBT #mmromance #paranormal

Air and Earth is out today! It’s book 3 in the Elemental Unions series, and you can buy it on the eXtasy Books website here. Preorders for Amazon will be up on Monday, with a September 18 release date.

Are the four elements better separated, or together?

Purity is still a problem. Henry wishes he could get rid of the secret group trying to sabotage his business and the relationship between elements, but since they’re a secret, he doesn’t even know where to start. He has other things to focus on, though—his brother is still healing, he just lost his best friend, and he’s in love with his bodyguard. All in all, his life is a mess.

Alcott has been Henry’s bodyguard since Purity decided to target him and Edward. He’s also been in love with him since then, but he knows better than to do anything about it. Henry already has too many things on his hands without adding Alcott’s probably unrequired feelings to it.

But Alcott’s feelings might not be as unrequired as he thought, which is a good thing. Henry’s meddlesome grandfather, on the other hand, isn’t, especially not when he tries to convince Henry’s ex-fiancée to try to get back with Henry.

And of course, there’s Purity, who’s still threatening every element wielder who doesn’t agree with them, and who might be closer than Henry and Alcott suspect.

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Lost and Found #Legendary #Shifters #LGBT #mmromance #Phoenix #DireWolf

Lost and Found is out today! It’s book 4 in the Legendary Shifters series and features Lennox, Casey’s silent phoenix twin! You can get it here on the eXtasy Books website. Preorder on Amazon should be up on Monday.

A baby lost—a man found.

Lennox is a silent protector. He’s more than happy to let his twin do the talking, but in this case, he can’t, because he’s met his mate, and he’s the only one who can get to know Owen—which might be hard, because even Owen doesn’t know himself.

Owen was adopted into the Springfield pack, but he never belonged. While he wasn’t abused, his father made sure he knew he wasn’t loved and that he knew something was wrong with him. He doesn’t know what that something is, but it has to do with shifting, which he was forbidden to do.

Between Lennox and his new home, Owen finds the strength to go against his adoptive father’s will and shifts. Instead of the monster he expected, he shifts into a special kind of wolf—a dire wolf.

But dire wolf shifters are said to be extinct, and if they aren’t, how did Owen end up in Springfield?


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks Blue Fire #dragon #shifters #mmromance #LGBT #enemiestolovers

Blue Fire is out today! It’s the first book in the new Ogorth Clan series. If you like dragon shifters, enemies to lovers, and forced proximity, this book is for you 🐲 You can buy it here and download it in whichever format you read in, or if you prefer Amazon, keep an eye out for it next week!

Blake never knew that dragons could turn into humans, so how does he end up falling in love with one?

Blake acts on instinct when he steals a dragon egg from his boss. He’s never done anything that stupid, and now, he’s in trouble, both with humans and dragons.

Especially with the dragon that captures him.

But Orran is not merely a dragon. He’s also a beautiful man, and Blake is stuck with him—and with a baby dragon after the egg hatches.

Blake’s boss isn’t done with him or with the baby, which means Blake has to gain Orran’s trust and convince him to take him with him. He has nothing to go back to in the city except death if his boss catches him. Death might still find him if he leaves with Orran, but he has nothing to lose.

Or does he?


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks Stubborn Fangs #mmromance #paranormalromance #vampires

Stubborn Fangs is out today! It’s book 5 in the Life with Fangs series. It will be available on other online retailers next week, but you can download any format on the eXtasy Books website right now here.

Aubrey and Oren are both stubborn…who will prevail?

Aubrey is a lot of things—clumsy, an enforcer for his coven, a babysitter when needed. He’s also stubborn, which is a good thing when it comes to Oren, the guy he has his eyes on.

Oren isn’t blind. He can see how gorgeous Aubrey is, and more importantly, that he’s a man Oren could easily fall for. He can’t afford it, though. He’s a conclave enforcer, and he’s in charge of finding the dhampirs who are killing the vampires in town one by one. He doesn’t have time to waste, even if it’s with Aubrey.

Aubrey knows all of that, but he doesn’t care. Oren won’t catch the bad guys by working twenty-four seven. He and Oren have different opinions, and they clash together only for Oren to push Aubrey away again.

The dhampirs are still on a killing spree, though, and Oren is terrified something will happen to Aubrey. He’s already lost one person to the dhampirs.

He won’t lose a second one.


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks Lorcan #mmromance #shifters #LGBT #paranormal #romance

Lorcan is out today! It’s book 23 in the Council Enforcers Series. You can buy it on the eXtasy website here, while it will be available on other online retailers next week.

Also, I’ll be holding a Christmas in July giveaway in my Facebook group this weekend, so if you aren’t part of it, here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/411788002341528/

Devon needs to win against fear, but can he?

Lorcan knows Devon is his mate. What he doesn’t know is what to do with that. If it had been anyone else, he would have talked to them, but Devon is on the run from his abusive ex, a man who is planning to attack Gillham and the pack, and Lorcan doesn’t want to spook Devon more than he already is.

Devon never wants to see his ex again. He hates the man, even though they’re mates—or are they? That’s what Elroy said, but as time passes and he finds himself drawn to Lorcan, Devon starts to wonder.

Lorcan and Devon know they have a lot of work to do if they want to be together. Devon needs to understand that Lorcan isn’t going to hurt him and that he’s nothing like Elroy, but he’s not sure he can. Then there’s Elroy, who’s still in the background, threatening Devon.

Devon wants a future with Lorcan, but is it too much to hope for? Elroy won’t let go of him easily, and neither will fear. He’ll have to fight both of them to get the life he wants. The only problem is that he’s not sure he’s strong enough.


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks False Friends #LGBT #mmromance #ghosts #paranormal #mystery

False Friends is out today! It’s book 5 in the Lost in Translation series. You can get it on the eXtasy Books website here! Release on other online retailers next week!

You can also preorder Lorcan, book 23 in the Council Enforcers Series, here. It will be out on July 10.

This time, no one died…yet.

Dorran is done with investigating murders. He always ends up wounded, and it’s not good for his health. But when Eli’s brother approaches him and asks him to look into the stalker who’s harassing his girlfriend, Dorran can’t say no. He’s still trying to get Eli’s family to like him, and this is the perfect way, even though he’s wary.

There are several suspects, but none of them fit the idea Dorran has of stalkers. Is he missing something? Is the stalker closer than he thought? Or has he gotten everything wrong? This time, there are no ghosts to interrogate, and Dorran is on his own.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #shifters #LGBT Rocco

Rocco is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 10 in the Council Assassins Series, and you can buy it here. Release on Amazon and other online retailers is next week.

Summer Heat, a shifter anthology, is out today on Amazon. Buy it here on the US website or on your own Amazon store here.

And lastly, False Friends, book 5 in the Lost in Translation series, is up for preorder on the eXtasy Books website. Preorder here.

It’s hard to live with fear, but even harder to try to set it aside.

Cam has been through hell and back. He was kidnapped and torn apart by scientists while the human government turned a blind eye, and he doesn’t think he will ever recover. How could he? Even now that he’s free, his pain and fear keep him captive.

Rocco never thought his mate would be one of his patients, but since Cam is related to one of the assassins’ mates, he’s Cam’s doctor first and his mate second, at least for now. He wants Cam to start living again, but he understands how hard it is, since he’d been through something similar.

Cam carries his fear, while Rocco carries guilt. Neither of them is sure they’ll be able to shed it and make space for love in their life. But when the warehouse where the assassins live is attacked, they’ll have to face their worst fear—and hopefully, win the fight.


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks #anthology #mmromance #LGBT #shifters

Summer Heat, the final anthology after Spring Fever, Winter Magic and Autumn Feast, is out today on eXtasy Books. Buy it here in whichever format you prefer! My short, Summer Trouble, is part of the Council Assassins series, but it’s not necessary to read it to read the series.

The Summer Heat has taken its toll on our shifters making them too hot to handle.

The shifters make plans for a summer to remember but all best-laid plans of mice and shifters often go awry. And that is certainly the case in the final six stories from some of eXtasy Books’ top authors. Follow the lives of those who have previously featured in Spring Fever, Winter Magic and Autumn Feast. Join them for a final fling where the summer heat will cause havoc for our heroes.

Summer Trouble

It’s summer, and the assassins are overheating.

There’s no power in town, and that means no AC in the warehouse where the assassins live. With so many people sharing a living space, things are getting out of hand, and they need to find a way out of the oven their home has become.

And they do, until they realize someone snuck in and they must find them before something bad happens.


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks #paranormal #LGBT #romance #mmromance #elemental Earth and Water

Earth and Water is out today! It’s book 2 in the Elemental Unions series.

You can buy it here on the eXtasy website. Release day on other online retailers is next week.

You can also preorder the Summer Heat anthology here on the eXtasy Books site. Release date there is June 5.

A meeting of earth and water.

Edward is grateful he’s not the family company’s CEO and that he doesn’t have to make the decisions his brother Henry has to make. He supports Henry, of course, but signing contracts with a fire wielder while they’re earth wielders could be dangerous, with Purity threatening them.

Bay is happy working for Dakota, even though he’s kind of jealous of his best friend for finding love. He’s more than happy to help when the Long brothers, who Dakota’s mate is working with now, are threatened. Bay is assigned as a bodyguard to Edward, who’s charming and sweet—and it turns out, also Bay’s mate.

But Purity is still a threat, especially after it attacks. Faking Henry’s death might have been a good idea, but it also could be putting Edward’s life in danger, and Bay isn’t sure he can stand up to Purity, not on his own, not when Purity has someone working for them on the inside.


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks Opposites Attract #swan #shifters #mmromance #LGBT+ #paranormalromance

Opposites Attract is out today! It’s book two in the Seven Brothers series (book one was my Christmas release, Christmas Swan). Release day on Amazon will be next week on the 29th is everything goes the way it should. It might be slower on other online retailers, but unfortunately, once the book is uploaded, it’s out of eXtasy’s hands!

You can buy Opposites Attract here on the eXtasy website, and preorder Earth and Water, book two in the Elemental Unions book, that will be out May 22, here.

What happens when boring meets colorful?

Leon isn’t jealous of his best friend. Really, he isn’t. He doesn’t do relationships, so while he’s happy that Manuel has found the man of his life, he’s not planning to follow down his path.

Hugh likes his life the way it is—familiar and predictable—even though most people, including his brothers, think he’s boring.

He’s in for the shock of his life when he meets Leon. Leon is the opposite of him. He’s colorful and happy, always talking and having fun.

He’s also Hugh’s mate.

Hugh doesn’t know what to do with that, and after Leon tells him he doesn’t date, Hugh steps back, unsure whether or not he should tell Leon he’s his mate.

Hugh can’t keep it a secret forever, but can he ignore everything that makes him who he is and throw himself into what could be the happiest relationship of his life? And if he does, will Leon agree to take a chance, or will he run away like he’s used to doing?