#MySexySaturday week #62

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

 This week the theme is sexy state of mind, so I chose this sexy moment from book #8 from the Whitedell Pride Series. Okay, it’s going to take a while before this one comes out, but Adrian and Joshua were the first ones to come to my mind when I thought about the theme, so I decided to dedicate the post to them.


      When Joshua finally let Adrian’s lips go, Adrian peeked around. It was getting late and the air was colder. Not exactly the best weather for outdoor sex, but at least it meant that the park was empty apart from them.
     “What are you thinking about so hard, angel?”
     Busted. Adrian blushed and tried to think about a good excuse, but the only thing that he could think about was Joshua’s hands on him, his lips on Adrian’s and clothes miraculously disappearing. Those thoughts led to a deeper blush, of course, and Joshua had no problems understanding the general direction of Adrian’s thoughts. His eyes widened and his nostrils flared as he looked at Adrian.
     Joshua’s hands on Adrian’s back pulled him even closer to the man’s chest as he once again attacked Adrian’s mouth. This time Joshua’s hands moved and Adrian could feel his mate’s warmth on the small of his back as he tried to get under Adrian’s jacket. Joshua lifted it only enough to slip his hands under it, under Adrian’s shirt, and Adrian shuddered at the first skin to skin contact.
     Joshua’s hands were rough from work and warm, the contact highly arousing on Adrian’s soft skin, especially when Joshua slid one of them under the waist of his jeans to cup Adrian’s ass cheek. One finger ghosted over his crack and Adrian wanted more, so much more. He moved his hands between them until he reached Joshua’s jeans.
     He was frantic as he tried to open his mate’s pants, hungry for what he would find under them. When his trembling fingers finally managed to do their job and open the jeans, they found exactly what Adrian had been looking for. Joshua’s length sprang up from a nest of curls, the hard flesh hot and silky but also damp with pre-cum.
     Joshua grumbled in Adrian’s mouth before moving along his jaw. “We’ll just take the edge off.” He bit at Adrian’s neck, hard enough to leave a mark but not to break skin. “I want our first time to be in a bed. I want to be able to undress you slowly and lick every inch of your delectable body. I want you spread on my bed like an offering only I can touch. I’ll make love to you all night, until you won’t be able to walk straight and you’ll feel me for days.”



Jamie, the first book in the series, is available at Extasy Books.

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