#MySexySaturday week #65

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

#MySexySaturday ‘s  theme this week is Halloween. Unfortunately for me, I live in Italy, and while some people do celebrate it, it’s not really common. Buuut, as soon as I read what the theme would be, I just knew what it was going to be about!

See, I’m really lucky because for now writing is my main job. My son just started school, but he’s been more at home, sick, than at school, so I just stay home with him. Which means I have a lot of time to write. Which means that while only the first book of the series has been published, I already wrote more than ten!

And what can be better than wendigos for an Halloween theme? We first meet the wendigos in Keenan, book number ten in the series, but it won’t be the only book to feature them.


The two men pushed him to his knees, and when Keenan looked up, he wished he hadn’t. He tried to move backward when he saw the creature standing close to the fire, but his guards were having none of it. They pushed him back into place and each kept a hand on his shoulders so that he couldn’t shy away from the thing that was approaching him.

Keenan was shuddering in a mix of cold and fear, but the fear was winning as he took in the sight in front of him.

 The creature, whatever it was, was tall, easily ten feet tall, if not something more. It literally looked like a standing and moving corpse, and Keenan wouldn’t have been surprised if it were exactly that.

Keenan could see every single one of its ribs under the taunt, ash gray skin that was stretched on the creature’s bones. Its eyes were glowing red as it talked with the leader of the group that had taken Keenan and fangs protruded from lips so thin they were nearly absent. A thick coat of fur covered the back of the creature’s body, its legs and its arms, and what looked like long, dirty, white hair cascaded down his back. Its hands were deformed, the fingers way too long to be human’s fingers, and they were tipped by dark claws.

Then there was the smell. Gosh, the smell. The whole clearing stank as if there was a pile of decomposing corpses somewhere close, and it made Keenan want to throw up.

Keenan cringed when the thing turned to look at him. A long tongue came out of its mouth as it licked the place in which its lips should have been, making it clear what he intended to do with Keenan. Shit, he was going to end up in the creature’s stew!

“Put him away,” the thing growled to the man who had kidnapped Keenan, and Hassun and Elte grabbed him again, dragging him away. Keenan was somehow relieved to be able to stop looking at the creature, but it didn’t last long. As they walked through the camp, he saw several other creatures, and all of them were looking at him as if they were starving, which they probably were if their skinny bodies were indication of how much they ate.



Jamie, the first book in the Whitedell Pride Series, is available at Extasy Books and on Amazon.



Derick, the second book in the series, will be out on November 1 on Extasy Books


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