#MySexySaturday week #66

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

It’s that time of the week again! This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is sexy date night. Oh, I wish I could have more of those myself! But you know how it is, between jobs and the kid, it’s hard to have quality time with hubby. I guess I have to make do with my characters, uh?

This week I took my sexy seven from my WIP. It’s going to be a while before it gets published, but I love this couple. 🙂

Jared jerked when he felt his body go off-balance and tilt backward, but Chogan’s strong arms encircled him and slowed down the fall. He gently deposited Jared on the blanket and sat back up, hovering over him like an apparition in the darkness. Jared was fascinated by Chogan, by the way those two small braids fell in the space between them when he once again leaned toward Jared, by the tattoos that peeked from the opening of his shirt.

He wanted to touch them. He wanted to skim his fingers on them, follow them with his tongue and see where they ended. It was hard to understand that he actually could do it, that Chogan wouldn’t push him away if he tried. It was hard to convince his heart that this time, he wouldn’t be rejected.

Chogan leaned forward and captured Jared’s lips again, and Jared decided to let go of his fears. He knew Chogan would tell him if he did anything to make him uncomfortable. Besides, it’s not like he was going to do anything in the park. They were too exposed.

Jared hesitantly raised his hands and slid them around Chogan’s neck, sighing when his mate didn’t push him away. If anything, it looked like Chogan was happy to feel him moving, because he left his place sitting on Jared’s legs and slid down until he was lying right on top of Jared. Their bodies were aligned and Jared could feel all the muscles and the hard plane that made his mate’s body against him.

He shivered and opened his legs, and Chogan moved between them as if he belonged there, as if they had done this time and time again. Jared hissed when Chogan let his body fall on his. Their groins pressed together and in that moment he felt just how much Chogan seemed to like him. Jared hissed at the new sensation, at the promise Chogan’s body was giving him.

They were both hard, and their erections pressed together in a maddening sensation. Jared wanted to move, to get some more friction, to bring both himself and his mate to completion, but he knew they couldn’t, not where they were at the moment. Still, he couldn’t resist moving his legs a little bit more, entangling them with Chogan’s as their mouths never left each other.

It seemed like an eternity passed before they finally separated, both panting, their mouths red and puffy, their eyes gleaming. Jared knew Chogan’s blissful expression was probably reflected on his face and he smiled. “Want to go home? We can get more comfortable, maybe watch a movie?”

Jamie, the first book in the Whitedell Pride Series, is available at Extasy Books and on Amazon.


Derick, the second book in the series, is out today on Extasy Books!


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