Release Day!

Today is release day at Extasy Books!


You can find Derick here, and I’m posting an excerpt 🙂

 They made their way into the club, finding a booth in a corner. Keenan immediately jumped on the dance floor, dancing as if his life depended on it in the mass of writhing bodies bumping and grinding against each other in rhythm to the music. The colored lights passed over them as they changed from pink to yellow, then to blue, and Derick could smell sweat and sex, the typical scent of places like this. All these sensations were too much, yet not enough. Derick wanted to lose himself in the music, in the sea of bodies that moved in front of him.

    “Want to dance?” he asked Nate, leaning against his shoulder to speak close to his ear.

    “Not right now, but you can go if you want, I’ll be right here.” Nate gestured to the dance floor and Derick didn’t have to be told twice. Jumping up, he gave Nate a quick kiss and danced his way to Keenan, who was giving quite a show. Grabbing the other man on the hip, Derick slid a knee between Keenan’s legs and they started dancing, bumping into each other sensually.

    Derick knew that Nate was probably seething even if he knew there was absolutely nothing between Derick and Keenan, but he wanted his mate to trust him. Derick was just having fun, and yes, he also wanted to seduce his mate and make him get his butt on the dance floor so that he could dance with him rather than Keenan, but when he looked in Nate’s direction he was talking with Ward. So much for making him jealous.

    Jamie joined them and Derick decided just to enjoy himself as they danced together and kept each other safe from wandering hands and other body parts. After a while Derick decided it just wouldn’t do, though, so he danced his way back to their booth, giving his hips an extra sway when he saw Nate watching him, his eyes hooded. Damn, the man is hot!

    Crooking his finger, Derick silently told his mate to move his ass and get on the dance floor. Nate looked hesitant so Derick decided to go all out. Moving his hips from side to side, he let his hands wander along his sides and up to his chest, throwing his head backward as they slid on his nipples. He was turned on, not so much by the atmosphere but by Nate and his presence. Derick was dancing just for his mate, and it made everything so much more exciting.

    Nate finally decided to join him, stalking to Derick without finesse or even trying to dance. When Nate grabbed Derick’s hips and pulled him so that they were plastered to each other, Derick looped his arms around his neck and moved from side to side, making sure their cocks rubbed against each other. They were both hard and panting heavily, but Derick was enjoying this little game of teasing. Turning around, he reached behind him to grab Nate’s neck while his mate’s hands landed back on his hips, his ass snuggled against Nate’s erection as he grinded into it.

    Oh god! Maybe all that teasing wasn’t such a good idea after all. Derick was so hard he just knew he would explode soon if he didn’t put some distance between them, and his idea of fun didn’t include sticky pants.

    Grabbing Nate’s hat, Derick turned and started walking away, giving a little wave before putting the hat on his head and heading for the bathroom, feeling Nate’s gaze riveted on his ass. He couldn’t wait to have his mate’s dick inside of him. Maybe going home early wasn’t a bad idea.

    Derick opened the bathroom door, but before he could take more than a few steps something hit him hard in the back of the head, and pain exploded before everything went black.


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