#MySexySaturday week #67

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is a sexy first. First kiss, first meeting, first anything. I chose an excerpt from Nolan, the third book in the Whitedell Pride Series. It will be out on December 1.

In the excerpt Casey and Nolan meet for the first time while Nolan is in his shifted form. I can already tell you that Nolan isn’t very happy to find his mate, but you’ll have to buy the book to find out why 🙂

Casey stepped toward the cat, ready to lift him and take him back to his room, but it seemed his mate had other ideas. As soon as Casey got near to him he ran to the door, which Casey had left open, and darted in the hallway.

“Damn it! Come back here!” Casey swore as he went after his mate. It would have been easier in his cheetah form but he didn’t want to scare his mate, so he ran on his two feet.

Casey saw a black tail disappear around the corner to the stairs and ran after it, following as the cat rushed downstairs. It seemed like the whole pride was there in the entryway, laughing as they watched him going after his mate. Soren was the one who laughed harder, leaning against the wall to avoid falling.

Casey shot him the bird as he passed him, Soren’s laugher ringing in his ears as he turned in the hallway that led to Dominic’s office. He had no idea where his mate was. He had to be in one of the rooms in this hallway, but it would take a while to check them all. Sighing, Casey was opening the first door when he heard Dominic behind him.

“Is this yours?”

Twirling around, Casey found himself in front of his Alpha. Dominic held the cat by his scruff, offering it to Casey.

“Yeah. He’s my mate.” He took the cat and held him close to his chest, not wanting him to run away again. His mate fought for a bit, trying to get down, but after a while he settled against Casey’s chest and began purring as Casey stroked his fur.


Jamie, the first book in the Whitedell Pride Series, is available at Extasy Books and on Amazon.


Derick, the second book in the series, can be found on the Extasy website and on Amazon.


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