Christmas Story day one!

When Beany Sparks decided to do an eXtasy Advent Calendar, I decided to write a short Christmas story set in Whitedell for my host blog post (which should be on Saturday 13). It was supposed to be short, but it ended up being more than 6000 words long! Sooo, I decided to post it in four different days, the final one being the host blog post I’ll do on Saturday. Don’t worry, I’ll post the last part here too!

The story is set on Christmas day and we revisit the couples from the first three books in the Whitedell Pride Series. The last part will be from Finn’s point of view, but since the Christmas story takes place during Finn (between the end of Chapter Four and the beginning of Chapter Five), I tried not to give too much away. You might want to come back and reread it when you start reading Finn, though. 🙂

Every day will see one different couple, and today we start with Jamie and Ward. You do remember what Keenan pushed Jamie to buy for Ward’s Christmas, right? 🙂

WARNING! The post contains sexual situations between two hot men. If you don’t want to read about that, just close the tab! I couldn’t find a way to put a warning before you opened the post, so this will have to do.

Jamie looked at the wrapped box in his hands with dread.

It was Christmas morning and the mansion was still silent. Even the kids were still asleep, but Jamie had been so nervous since the day before that he had ended up waking with dawn, and he hadn’t been able to get back to sleep yet, all because of the box and the thing it contained.

It was ridiculous, really. He knew Ward loved him like crazy just as he was and that he didn’t need to change for him, but he couldn’t help but compare himself with Keenan and Nolan. They were both so fun to be with, open-minded and witty, everything Jamie wasn’t, and he sometimes thought that Ward might want him to be more like them, which was why he had listened to Keenan when he had offered to help Jamie choose Ward’s Christmas present.

He should have known it was a bad idea, but after he had said yes, it had been like watching an accident happen, where you could see what was about to happen but you could do nothing to stop it.

That’s why Jamie had found himself wide-awake at five o’clock in the morning on Christmas day, clutching a wrapped box containing a butt plug in his hands. A pink butt plug. A pink, vibrating butt plug. A butt plug he was supposed to use on himself, or rather, he was supposed to let Ward use on him.

Jamie wasn’t a prude, really, but he knew he wasn’t the most open-minded person, at least not when he was the one in question. He couldn’t have cared less about who slept with who and who did what with who as long as it stayed away from his life. The butt plug, though, was very much a part of his life at the moment.

Damn Keenan!

Jamie had never used sex toys, and while he knew he obviously had had bigger things in his ass, that fact didn’t reassure him.

Sighing, he put the box back under the bed. It was no use to anguish himself on it. He could give the present to Ward and hope his mate would react well to it, or he could back down and hide the thing, but he just knew Keenan would find out if he did that. The man had an infuriating way of nosing his way in things that had nothing to do with him, and Jamie knew his brother would whine about how much time he had spent helping Jamie choose the plug and stuff like that, and Ward would find out anyway.

Better to give the present to Ward, then.


Jamie laid back down and cuddled next to Ward, closing his eyes and hoping sleep would come easy. The next thing he knew, the sun was up and his mate was awake. Ward was still under the covers next to Jamie and he was inching his way under them.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you a Christmas blowjob.”

“And how is that different from an everyday blowjob?” Jamie asked with a smile.

Ward stopped and tilted his head. He shrugged. “I don’t know, but do you really want me to stop and think about it?”

Jamie shook his head. “Oh, no. Please, go ahead.”

Then Ward’s lips were on him, teasing the underside of his length before dipping into the slit on the head. Jamie moaned and grabbed his mate’s hair, tugging lightly in a way he knew Ward liked.

Merry Christmas to him indeed.


Ward chuckled. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, not with Jamie’s shaft in his mouth, but it seemed his mate rather liked the sensation. He was tempted to go oh oh oh like Santa Claus just to justify it as a Christmas blowjob, but he didn’t have the time to do it because just then Jamie’s hands tightened in his hair and he came down Ward’s throat, a loud moan escaping him. His back arched and Ward continued sucking lightly until Jamie came back down from his endorphins high. Only then did he let go and smiled at a well-done job. “Are you more relaxed now?”

Jamie looked at him, his eyes still glazed over. “What do you mean?”

“You really think I don’t know something has been bugging you lately?”

Jamie bit his lower lip and a light blush appeared on his cheeks. Damn, Ward loved when his mate did that. It made him want to tug that lip away from Jamie’s teeth and bite it himself.

“Okay, there is something.”

Ward scooted up the bed and joined his hands on Jamie’s stomach before laying his chin on them. “Are you going to tell me?” He knew it would be no use to insist if Jamie didn’t want to tell him because Jamie would clam up if he did.

“I, well, it’s nothing bad, of course. I would have told you right away if it had been.” Ward just arched a brow and waited and Jamie continued hurriedly, “Fine, fine, I’ll tell you.”

He threw his hands in the air and huffed, but he did move toward the edge of the bed, dislodging Ward. He reached under the bed and Ward scrunched his nose. What had his mate been hiding there?

When Jamie’s hand came out with a wrapped box, Ward smiled. “You now all the gifts should have gone under the tree.”

“Yeah, well, this is not something you can open in front of the kids.”

Now Ward was curious. He offered his hand to Jamie, wiggling his fingers when his mate didn’t give him the gift right away. Jamie put it in Ward’s hand, looking as if it was torture, but he kept a hold on it.

“This was Keenan’s idea, not mine. I probably shouldn’t have gone with it, but I didn’t know what to buy you at first, so…” Jamie shrugged, but Ward could see he was nervous, and it made him even more curious. There wasn’t much that could ruffle the man like that, but Keenan and his crazy ideas definitely were one of those things.

Jamie finally let the box go. He looked as if he was going to be executed at any seconds, and it made Ward want to laugh. “You’re such a drama queen, Jamie.”

Jamie snorted. “I think you’re confusing me with Keenan.”

Ward turned his attention to the gift. He took care in opening it, just to tease Jamie another bit, but when his mate crossed his arms on his chest and glared, he finally gave in and tore the red and green paper open.

Ward’s jaw dropped. “Is that what I think it is?”

Jamie nodded. He looked like he was in pain when he added, “And it vibrates.”

Ward tried to keep the laugh in, but he couldn’t. He snorted, and that led the way first to embarrassing giggles, then to a full belly laugh. “It’s pink, Jamie! Pink!”

“Keenan chose it!”

Ward opened the sleek black box with a very pink picture on it and took the plug out. He pushed on the small button on the side, and sure enough, the thing started to vibrate. “So, who did you think was going to wear it when you bought it?”

Jamie’s eyes went huge. “You…you want to wear it?”

Ward shrugged. “Why not? I know you never topped me, but I’m not against it, you know?”

Jamie didn’t answer. He just sat there, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly open, and Ward knew he was processing what Ward had just said. Jamie didn’t usually do very well with surprises, and this was a big one.

“I…I don’t know, Ward. I mean, I have nothing against topping, but I just…”

Ward smiled. “You don’t have to, love.” He grinned and grabbed the plug before reaching toward his nightstand. “But that means you’re going to be the one wearing it.”


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