#MySexySaturday week #77 Their Sexy Thoughts

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday’s theme is Their Sexy thoughts. I chose an excerpt from Jeremy since it’ll be out tomorrow, and Keenan is in it too, since I know a lot of readers love him (I do too, but don’t tell my other characters! 🙂 ) And if you haven’t read the first four books in the series yet, you still have time to do it!

Jamie smiled at Jeremy. “Sorry for that. My brother doesn’t always think before speaking.”

“No problems. I’m going to go, though. I have to cook dinner for the little guy, but it was nice meeting you, Jamie.”

A cart crashed into the lined ones, making the three of them jump. “I was supposed to come with you and keep an eye on you, not be your domestic,” a voice growled behind Jeremy, making his cock plump in his jeans. Jeremy’s eyes widened. The voice belonged to a man, so why was he reacting to it like that?

“Oh, Denver, so you don’t want to be our domestic? What about our cabana boy? I think you would look good in nothing but a thong, maybe red.” Keenan took a step back and planted his hands on his hips as he examined the man standing behind Jeremy with seemingly critical eyes. The smile on his lips betrayed him, though. “Yup, I’d bet red looks good on you, and it would matched the color of your face right now.”

Jeremy turned around and nearly swallowed his tongue. He didn’t know how Keenan could joke like that with the guy who was standing in front of him. The man was huge, muscles bulging under his shirt with his every move. Jeremy had never considered himself short since he was five foot eleven, but this guy…he had to be at least six foot seven. His dark hair was cropped short and his eyes were a stunning baby blue that contrasted with the hard appearance of the rest of his body. The five-o’clock shadow on his cheeks added to the rough but sexy appearance.

He moved like a cat as he neared them and Jeremy found his eyes fixated on the hard muscles of the man’s thighs. He could see them shift as he walked and his eyes slowly went up, taking in the tight shirt that hugged and revealed a hard stomach and defined pectorals before tracing the full lips and slightly crooked nose. The man was gorgeous, and Jeremy’s cock perked up at the thought of how he would look naked and tangled in the sheets of Jeremy’s bed. Uh?

Jeremy had never, ever been attracted to a man! What the fuck was happening to him? 

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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