#MySexySaturday week #75 I’m so sexy

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

It’s Saturday again! This week’s theme is the naturally sexy characters, those who don’t even know they are, those who might know they are but don’t flaunt it. I think Keenan is part of that second category, but I didn’t really have an excerpt to show it. Buuut, since you all seem to like him so much, I chose something from his book anyway!

Keenan exited the bathroom, his creamy skin still damp and glistening under the sunlight that streamed in from the window. Jonah licked his lips at the sight, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to convince Keenan to stay in bed with him, so he got up and took his turn in the shower. He didn’t like the fact that he had to put his dirty clothes back on, but he didn’t have a choice.

Jonah stopped short as he walked back into the bedroom. He had thought Keenan would wear a button-down, like he always did when he had to work. It was a workday after all, and it would have kept his new bite mark hidden, and given Jonah a bit more time to, well, he didn’t know what he needed the time for, but he didn’t exactly feel ready for everyone to know they had mated.

But no, Keenan didn’t have a button-down on. Instead, he had a yellow T-shirt with a wide collar that showed off a lot more skin than it should, including the part of the neck that presented the mating bite. The shirt framed his collarbones, exposing both them and the higher part of Keenan’s shoulders. While it made Jonah want to grab his mate and push him back on the bed, it also made the bite more than obvious, especially since it was still a bit reddened.

“What are you wearing?”

Keenan looked down. “A T-shirt.”

“I can see that!” Jonah sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He didn’t want to fight with Keenan right now. “So you want everyone to know we mated?”

Keenan narrowed his eyes at Jonah. “Yeah, why? You don’t want them to know?”

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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#MySexySaturday week #74 Our Sexy New Year

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

#MySexySaturday is back! Yay! This week’s theme is New Year and its resolution, and I guess new starts in general, so the excerpt I chose talks about the new start. What could be best that a marriage proposal, uh? The excerpt is from Jeremy, book 5 in the Whitedell Pride Series, out on February 1 on Extasy Books. I know the excerpt is 8 paragraphs long (sorry about that 🙂 ) and leaves the answer to THE question out, but you’ll have to read the book to find out how Jeremy answers, right? *evil laugh*

Jeremy wound his arms around Denver, holding him close and breathing his mate’s scent in. Denver was a little heavy, but it felt so good that Jeremy didn’t care if he lost a bit of oxygen.

He felt Denver’s teeth pulling out of his skin and his mate’s raspy tongue cleaning and sealing the bite, making him shiver and his cock jerk. Then Denver moved, but he didn’t go far. He grabbed Jeremy around the waist and sat down on the chair, pulling Jeremy on his lap.

Jeremy knew he was making a mess, he could feel Denver’s cum dripping out of him, but since Denver seemed okay with it, he would worry later. Right now he wanted to soak in this moment. Denver’s hand was making soothing circles on his back while the other one was holding him close. He stroked Denver’s short hair, then down his mate’s neck.

“Will you marry me?”

Jeremy froze. He couldn’t have heard that right. Yeah, he probably had heard it wrong. It was possible since his mate currently had his face tucked close into Jeremy’s neck, and his voice had been muffled. Jeremy squirmed, trying to put a little space between them so that he could hear it better. “Umm, I don’t think I heard you right.”

Denver chuckled, his chest rumbling under Jeremy’s hands. “You heard right. I asked you to marry me.” Denver moved until they were looking into each other’s eyes. “I know that we’re already mated, but I want everyone to know you belong to me, not only the shifters. I know Andrew told us it would be good for Adam’s situation, and even if that’s not a problem anymore, it got me thinking. I know it’s important for you, so yeah, marry me.”

Jeremy didn’t know what to say. The man in front of him was his future, and he didn’t need a piece of paper or even a ring to know that. “You know it’s not even legal in Wyoming, right?”

“I don’t care. We can ask Dominic to perform the ceremony, and we’ll both have rings. I know your previous marriage wasn’t good, so let me show you it can be good.”

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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