#LGBT Valentine’s Day Blog Hop #LoveIsLove

Milford Sound in New Zealand

This is the second part of my Valentine’s Day story. It’s x-rated, so beware if you read it!

Adam placed the last block on top of the tower and the whole thing came down, making him owl in anger. It was at times like this that Jeremy saw the wolf in his son even if he was in human form. “Come on, pumpkin. We’ll do a new one.”

Jeremy knew he could do very little to keep Adam’s frustration to acceptable levels, but he had to if he didn’t want to end up with a furry version of his son. He didn’t have any problems with Adam’s wolf, but it was hard to understand what his son wanted or needed when he was a wolf, and Denver wasn’t available at the moment. He had disappeared earlier, saying he had something urgent to do, and if Jeremy hadn’t known his mate would never do anything to hurt him, the nervous glances and scowls would have made him think Denver had something to hide.

“Hi there, little ones! Ready to have fun with uncle Keenan?”

Keenan was a favorite of the pride’s children, probably because he acted like a kid himself around them. “Hey, what’s happening?”

“Me and the other single guys are taking the kids for the night. We’ll watch a movie in the living room and have a sleepover, so you don’t need to worry about Adam.”

Jeremy tilted his head to the side. “All right, but why are you doing this?”

Keenan gaped. “You have no idea what today’s date is, uh?”

Jeremy frowned. It was true he often lost count of the days, but he was pretty sure today was Saturday. “I know it’s mid-February.”

“Yup, February fourteenth to be exact.”

“Oh shi—” Jeremy stopped himself just in time. He didn’t need five kids under seven years old repeating what he had been about to say. “I totally forgot what today was. Well, I guess I could help you with the kids.”

“Are you nuts? You have to go shower and get ready!”

“For what? I forgot to plan anything and Denver, well, he isn’t the most romantic of men.”

Keenan gave Jeremy an enigmatic smile that scared Jeremy more than it should have. “Looks like you don’t know your mate as well as you thought.”

“Yeah, well, we’ve known each other for only a little while, so it’s possible. I assumed because he hasn’t done anything romantic yet.”

“Not even asking you to marry him?”

Jeremy blushed. He remembered that moment pretty well, and more than romantic it had been sexy and sweaty, not that he had complained. “So you think Denver planned something?”

“I know he did, so go to your rooms and get ready. We’ll see you and the other couples tomorrow.”

Jeremy didn’t wait for Keenan to tell him again. He loved his son more than anything, but Adam was demanding. He loved to play with Jeremy and spend time with him, but Jeremy needed a little grown-up times sometimes, and not only sexy ones.

He walked as fast as he could to his room and found it empty. Denver was nowhere in sight, but Jeremy took Keenan words at face value, so he wasn’t surprised to find his mate standing by their bed when he got out of the bathroom after his shower.

Still, he gaped. Denver, who was a T-shirt and jeans kind of man both when he was working and when he wasn’t, was dressed in a suit. Jeremy hadn’t even known his mate owned a suit, and he certainly had never seen him in one, although he knew he would for their wedding. He just hadn’t been expecting it, really—he hadn’t been expecting anything for Valentine’s Day.

Denver was stunning. The suit was a dark-blue color while the button down under the jacket was almost the exact same color as Denver’s baby-blue eyes. He wasn’t wearing a tie and the shirt had the top few buttons open, showing off a strip of skin and a bit of hair. It made Jeremy want to skip whatever date Denver and Keenan had planned and go directly to dessert—the one that would happen in their bed.

“Hey,” Jeremy croaked, his eyes never leaving Denver’s body. He cleared his voice and tried again. “Hi. You’re…”

“I look like a penguin, right? I know the suit is too much, but Keenan said—”

Jeremy smiled and stopped his mate’s ramblings. Denver tended to ramble when he was nervous, and he allowed himself to show what he felt only in front of a few selected persons, Jeremy being one of them. He always felt grateful to know he could see a part of Denver that no one else could. “You’re incredibly handsome. I mean, you’re always handsome, even with your jeans, but this,” Jeremy gestured to Denver’s body. “This is special.”

Denver looked down and Jeremy bit his lower lip when he saw the light blush on the man’s cheeks. He loved being able to do that. “Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready, okay?”

“I’ll be in the living room.”

It didn’t take long for Jeremy to throw on a suit. He left the tie off, feeling oddly naked and rebellious without it. He was used to wear them every day of the week after all, when he played the part of the very serious accountant.

The bedroom’s door wasn’t closed all the way and Jeremy pulled it open, gasping at what was waiting for him. He hadn’t expected more than he had already done from Denver, but his mate seemed to be a hundred percent invested in the Valentine’s Day thing.

The lights were off but what had to be dozen of fat votive candles illuminated the living room, creating the perfect setting for the man who was leaning against the couch, his ass parked on the back of it, his long legs crossed at the ankles and held straight in front of him, a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Denver was the image of relaxation, but Jeremy saw the small signs that he was tenser than he was letting the world see, and he loved Denver even more for that.

The fact that Denver felt awkward but was still doing all of that for Jeremy made his heart melt. The tiger’s hands were clutched too tight around the delicate stems and his back was ramrod straight. His face seemed frozen into a half smile-half grimace, and he stumbled as he rose from his position to give Jeremy the flowers. The blush that appeared on his cheeks were just the cherry on top of the yummy cake Denver was.

“I, uh, have a reservation for seven o’clock.”

Jeremy looked at his watch. “We should go then.”

Denver clearly wasn’t sure what to do with the flowers still in his hands, so Jeremy took them from him, kissing him on the cheek before hunting for a vase. Flowers weren’t really a normal occurrence in their rooms and he had a hard time finding one, but he finally put the flowers on the coffee table before leading the way to the door, stopping only when Denver seemed to be hesitating once more. “What’s wrong?”

“What about the candles?”

“Okay, you take the right part of the room, I take the left. We meet at the bedroom’s door.”

Denver didn’t look convinced but Jeremy ignored him and started blowing out the candles. He hadn’t thought far enough, though, because once they reached the bedroom, all the candles were out and the room was dark. “Crap. Can you reach the switch?”

Jeremy felt Denver move toward him. The man leaned into him, his breath skimming Jeremy’s neck and making him shiver. “It’s right there to your right.”

Jeremy raised his hands and placed them on his mate’s chest. “Don’t.”


“Turn them on.” He knew that Denver would feel more awkward with the lights on, and he wanted their little moment to last a bit longer. He slid his hands up, feeling Denver’s hard muscles under his palms, and grabbed the man’s neck. “Thank you.”

Denver’s hands moved around his waist and he felt his shirt being tugged on until it came out of his pants. Denver’s warm palm settled on the small of his back, his thumb tracing small lines. “For what?”

“For all of this. I know it’s not your thing, so thank you.”

“I just wanted to do something for you. I know I’m not the most…demonstrative man around.”

Jeremy rose on his tiptoes and kissed his mate’s cheek again. “I don’t need you to be. You’re perfect just as you are, and I don’t need flowers and candles, although they are nice.” Jeremy didn’t want Denver to think he shouldn’t have done it.

He slid his lips along his mate’s jaw until he reached Denver’s lips, sighing when they opened for him and a tongue came forward to meet his. Denver might have been hesitant of their relationship in the beginning, but he wasn’t anymore.

The hand on Jeremy’s back lowered to cup his ass and press him even harder into Denver’s body. He wanted to feel it on his skin, with no fabric between them, but he knew it wasn’t the time. Did it really matter, though? “Do you really want to go to dinner?”

Denver groaned when Jeremy’s hand cupped him through his pants. “What dinner?”

“You realize that Keenan is likely to kick your ass when he finds out all his plans went to hell because we weren’t able to keep our hands off each other?”

“Fuck Keenan.”

Denver mashed their lips together again even as their hands went to work on their clothes. Jeremy’s shirt was the first to hit the floor, quickly followed by his pants and underwear. It was kind of awkward, what with Denver still being dressed and Jeremy’s pants stuck around his ankles, but he didn’t really care. The important thing was that he could feel his mate’s rough hands on his skin, scrapping along his spine to knead his ass cheeks, one finger slipping between them to tease him.

Jeremy yelped when the floor under his feet disappeared. Denver pulled him up on his shoulder, keeping him steady by grabbing his legs, and Jeremy found himself facing Denver’s pants-covered ass. He laughed, loving how the evening was going. Who cared about fancy food and wine when he could have this? Denver was more than enough for him.

Before Jeremy could really start appreciating the view, he was flying again. He wasn’t scared, but he was still relieved when his back collided with the mattress.

He oomphed, the impact enough to push his breath out of his lungs, and he had a hard time filling his lungs again because Denver was undressing right in the little patch of moonlight that streamed through the window. Jeremy was lucky Denver was right by it because he didn’t have a shifter’s sight and he wouldn’t have seen anything otherwise.

Jeremy took a few moments to appreciate his mate’s form, his wide shoulders and the lines of his abs, his small waist and strong thighs. Then Denver started tugging on Jeremy’s shoes and brought him back into the moment. Wrenching his eyes away, he moved sideways toward the nightstand while Denver finally took off his shoes and started on his socks.

It wasn’t hard to find the lube and Jeremy handed it to Denver as soon as the man wriggled him out of his pants, leaving him naked. Denver’s knees hit the mattress and he put his hands around Jeremy’s waist, hauling him up the bed before taking the lube from him.

Denver smiled, his teeth nearly glowing in the moonlight and making him look as predatory as his tiger half was. The snick of the lube bottle being opened echoed in the room and Jeremy squirmed, knowing what was about to happen. He pulled his legs up to his chest and grabbed the underside of his thighs, blushing at the revealing position. He wasn’t totally comfortable exposing himself that way, but he knew Denver loved it—loved him—and he wasn’t going to be caring about being embarrassed in a few moments anyway.

Denver didn’t lose time prepping Jeremy, his fingers playing over sensitive skin, inside tight muscles, doing what he knew Jeremy wanted. The room was silent except for their lovemaking sounds, growls coming from Denver and gasps and moans from Jeremy.

Denver pulled back and looked at Jeremy. He always did that to make sure Jeremy was ready, and Jeremy nodded. Denver grabbed his ankles and opened Jeremy’s legs wide before moving closer and settling between Jeremy’s thighs. He wrapped one of Jeremy’s legs around his waist and pressed into Jeremy, slowly but steadily.

Jeremy had to close his eyes at the overload of sensations coursing through him. It still amazed him, how Denver seemed to sense exactly what he wanted, how he seemed to complete Jeremy, how close he felt to his mate, especially during sex. It was the one moment of the day in which Denver’s stoic mask fell and he revealed the depth of what he felt for Jeremy, letting it show on his face.

Jeremy opened his eyes, wanting to see that emotion. Denver was completely buried in him, ecstasy written on his face and love in his eyes as he looked down. He wrapped Jeremy’s other leg around him and started moving, and every single thought fled Jeremy’s mind.

He groaned, knowing their lovemaking wasn’t going to last long, not with the way Denver was moving inside him, hitting his prostate with every thrust. There was only one thing missing to make it perfect.

Jeremy tilted his head to the side, smiling at the answering growl coming from his mate. Denver leaned in, the angle of his thrusts changing but still delicious. His fangs gleamed for just a few seconds before he pressed his face into Jeremy’s neck and Jeremy heard him taking a deep breath. He tensed just a bit, knowing that the bite would hurt before becoming pleasurable. It wasn’t much, but the moment Denver’s fangs popped into his skin always gave him a jolt of pain.

This time wasn’t any different, but Jeremy quickly dismissed it, especially when Denver reached between them and grabbed his cock. Jeremy clutched at his mate’s shoulders and tightened his legs around him as his orgasm hit him, leaving him gasping. He felt Denver’s last thrusts as the pulls on his neck stopped and Denver tensed, coming inside Jeremy.

A warm tongue moved on his neck, cleaning and closing the mating bite, then Denver slowly slid out of him. “I’m sorry we didn’t get to go to dinner.”

Jeremy rolled on his side and leaned on Denver’s chest, placing a kiss on the underside of his jaw. “I’m not.”

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Thianna Durston The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin
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Hayley B James Undercover Addiction
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Kendall McKenna 1) Strength of the Pack 2)Waves Break My Fall
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