World #AutismAwarenessDay- Excerpt and #giveaway

Autism Awareness Graphic

People with autism have difficulty using and understanding verbal and non-verbal language, such as gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice, as well as jokes and sarcasm. Some might not speak, or have fairly limited speech. They may understand what people say to them but prefer to use alternative forms of communication, such as sign language.

The wonderful RJ Scott planned a blog tour for the World Autism Awareness Day. A lot of authors are participating and you can win several prizes, so check all the blogs out, starting with

I’m having a Rafflecopter giveaway for the occasion and giving you an excerpt from Keenan, book 10 in the Whitedell Pride Series- I know he’s a favorite for the series’s fans 🙂

Jonah woke up at the sounds of giggles. He stirred, happy to feel the weight and warmth that indicated that Keenan was still in his arms. He hugged his mate closer and pressed a kiss on his hair, but that only made the giggles sound again. He cracked open one eye, shooting up when he saw two kids, sitting at the foot of the bed and watching him and Keenan. Then he remembered he was buck naked under the sheet and he stopped himself before getting up.

Calming down, or at least trying to, Jonah arranged the sheet to cover both him and his mate, then looked back at the kids. The little girl had to be four or five and had a red dress on, but the boy was just as naked as Keenan and Jonah were.  “Uh, hello?”

They both grinned at him. Jonah smiled back even as he tried to get Keenan to wake up, shaking him a bit. Not that shacking him worked. He hadn’t even reacted when Jonah had sat up and dislodged him from his chest.

Jonah shook a little harder, adding his voice to the mix. “Keenan. Keenan!”

Keenan groaned and tried to hide his head under his pillow, but Jonah was having none of it. He didn’t know these kids, and he wasn’t sure he actually knew how to deal with them or with kids in general. “Keenan! Who are they?”

Keenan opened one eye and looked toward their feet, chuckling when he saw the kids. “Melissa, Adam, what are you two doing here?”

The boy, Adam, grinned. “Uncle Finn says breakfast is ready.”

“Okay, we’re coming. You know you should have knocked on the door before coming in, though.” The kids nodded, obviously unmoved by Keenan’s words. They were just acting as if they were repentant, but not really feeling it. “Okay, then. You can go.” Keenan shooed them away, but it seemed that Adam had something to say.

“Why are you naked? Did you shift too?”

Keenan laughed. “No, no. I don’t shift. But Jonah is a wolf shifter, just like you.” Well, that explained why the kid was naked, at least.

“Is he white?”

Keenan looked at Jonah. “I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him in his wolf form yet.”

Jonah shook his head and turned to Adam. “I’m not white. I’m a normal gray wolf.”

Adam nodded. “I’m white.”

“That’s, uh, nice?” Jonah looked at his mate, searching for help, but Keenan was just grinning like a loon. Jonah scowled at his mate. “Give me a little help, please.”

Keenan chuckled. “Come on, guys. You two go ahead and tell Uncle Finn we’ll come down in a few minutes.”

The giveaway is here: a Rafflecopter giveaway. You can win one of two copies of Ani, book 7 in the Whitedell Pride Series, which came out yesterday.

7 thoughts on “World #AutismAwarenessDay- Excerpt and #giveaway

  1. My oldest son (11 years) is multipled disabled because of brain damage he suffert during and after he was born (premature birth) he is also diagnosed with autism . So i’m very grateful to all the authors who participate to raise awareness.


  2. I don’t know anyone with Autism and I’ve learned quite a lot from following along on the blog tour. Thank you for helping to spread awareness and for the giveaway chance.


  3. I’m not close with anyone, but I do have a few good acquaintances that have children that are on the spectrum. Thank you for being part of the hop and for the giveaway chance as well.


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