#MySexySaturday week #86 A Long Sexy Time

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is A Long Sexy Time, and in shifters story, mates know it’s forever. The excerpt is from Adrian, book 8 in my pride’s series, out May 1. It features an accidental bonding and a not-so-sorry mate 🙂

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Adrian’s eyes were huge, and when he started biting on his lower lip, Joshua knew he was a goner. He knew Adrian hadn’t meant to claim him, but being a new, very new shifter, he hadn’t been able to resist his animal half. The squirrel had wanted to claim Joshua and being an animal he hadn’t seen that there could be problems, so he had just acted. “You’re sure? I mean, we didn’t even talk about this, and we don’t know each other so well, so maybe we would have ended up with someone else in the end, but now—”

Joshua growled, effectively interrupting the flow of words. He might have tolerated the idea of Adrian with Soren—barely—but now he and Adrian were together and he would let no one touch his mate, ever. “I want to mate with you.”

Adrian just looked at him, probably trying to read Joshua’s expression. It wasn’t easy in the dark night, but he tried anyway. “I…I think that maybe I wanted to mate with you too. It’s just that everything is going so fast and changing before I manage to get a grip on it. I lost my job, my house, possibly my brother, and I moved hundreds of miles away from the city I’ve lived in all my life.”

Fear slithered around Joshua’s heart. “Do you want to slow down?” He sure didn’t want to, but he would give Adrian what he needed. It would be hard since he had just now realized what could be between them, but he would do it, even if he had to go away for a while. He just might have to do it anyway since he wanted to look for Gabriel.

Adrian sighed and moved closer to Joshua, snuggling in his chest as his arms circled around Joshua’s waist. Joshua kissed his mate’s hair before leaning his chin on Adrian’s head. “Not really. I’m just scared you’ll realize you don’t really want me and you’ll run, and since I just mated with you, I’ll be the one to be stuck. Honestly, you could have so much better than a geeky scientist who experimented on people and even killed some. I’m actually impressed that you could put it behind you and go out with me.”

“Adrian…I’m not sure anything I can say will convince you I want you. I’m sorry for the way I behaved before and I can promise you it won’t happen again. Now that I saw the beautiful person you are, I can honestly say that there’s no way I’ll ever leave you again.” Joshua chuckled. “I’m not crazy. Where would I find a man as perfect for me as you are? Besides, I’m sure that if I even think of leaving you, Soren would be there to pick up the pieces and I would have to hurt him.” He hoped Adrian saw this for what it was—not so much jealousy as an attempt to lighten the mood.

“I wouldn’t let him, you know. I think you ruined any other men for me. Even when you hated me, I was still comparing everyone to you, how they didn’t have your dark eyes or how your hair was prettier.”

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