#MySexySaturday week #87 Are You Sexy

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s MySexySaturday ‘s theme is Are You Sexy and those characters who are sexy yet very comfortable about it. The excerpt is from Xavier, book 1 in the Gillham Pack series and…gotta love a sexy mechanic 🙂

The sympathetic look on Denver’s face made Xavier feel uncomfortable, so he focused back on the feet that had been moving and on the legs that were attached to them as the man under the car slowly made his way to a standing position. What he saw made him wish he hadn’t looked, though.

The mechanic had to be the most gorgeous man Xavier had ever seen, more so even than Andrew, and Andrew was, well, he was hot. This man, though—he made it into Xavier’s top five. Hell, he had shot directly at number one!

He was tall, much taller than Xavier, and his opposite in about everything. Where Xavier was fat and short, the man was tall and thin. Well, not thin, not exactly. Xavier could see the muscles bunching under the dirty wife beater the guy wore, the way his arms flexed—oh god, now was not the right moment to get a boner!

Xavier tried to move his eyes away from the apparition, but he couldn’t. His mouth was dry as his eyes moved over the mechanic’s body. Oh, yeah, the man was muscled but not so much that he looked like a body builder. Exactly how Xavier liked it.

The perfection of mechanic guy didn’t stop there, oh no. The man had longish cinnamon brown hair that was tied on his nape and what was called a classic beauty’s face. Xavier could see the details of it as the man walked up to them—the straight nose, the strong jaw, the forest green eyes that were so piercing Xavier could have sworn the man looked right through him to read his darker secrets.

The man was made even hotter by the tattoos and the piercings Xavier could see. He had never been into them, but on the mechanic…god! Xavier could see something dark peeking from the edge of his wife beater right on his collarbone and complicated designs on his arms, and he would bet anything that those weren’t the only tattoos the guy had. As for the piercings, he had two. One lip ring, one eyebrow ring. Hot.

Xavier nearly didn’t register the fact that Denver had stepped out of the car and had walked up to the approaching wolf shifter. The man kept looking at him, and Xavier wanted to disappear. Had he noticed Xavier was all but drooling over him? Was he going to get beaten up for staring? The guy looked like the ultimate alpha male, although maybe more refined and pretty, but overall he did look like the biker type. Dominic had told Xavier no one would say anything about him being gay, but staring at the first person he met as if he wanted to eat him up might change that.

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