#MySexySaturday week #93 My Sexy Love

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is My Sexy Love. It’s the music, the songs, the singers who inspire us and sing about love. The excerpt is from Ani, book 7 in the Whitedell Pride Series.

Dominic was startled by the kiss Ani gave him. He wasn’t sure he was able to keep up with the small man’s mood swings, but he liked that he was more outgoing than he had been until now.

They kept the kiss slow and gentle, but Dominic needed more. However, he would always put Ani before his own needs, and he wasn’t sure it would be wise to push for things to get physical right now.

“Get a room guys!” Catcalls came from behind them, and yup, Ani’s face became a furnace as he broke the kiss.

Dominic growled a bit at Bryce, letting him know what he thought of the fact that he had interrupted. The cougar held his hands up. “Not my fault. The guys are going to cut the cake, so I thought you might want to come.”

Dominic wanted something very different from cake right now, but he still stepped away from Ani. He didn’t go far, though. He took his mate’s hand in his and pulled Ani along, quickly finding a free chair in the dining room. He couldn’t believe that they had somehow missed the whole buffet, and he hoped there was something left. It wouldn’t do Ani any good to skip a meal since he was already so thin.

Ani hesitated when he saw that there were no other free seats at the table and he started to walk to another one, but Dominic didn’t want him away now that he finally had the man. He pulled on his hand and sat him down on his lap, looking for the red he so much liked on his mate’s cheeks to appear. He liked the way Ani leaned his head on his shoulder as they watched the newlyweds cut the cake and laugh, happiness pouring from them onto their friends. He would definitely remember this day as the one in which his mate had finally acknowledge what was between them.

Then it was the time to dance. Jeremy and Denver were the first, and it was almost funny to see the big, bad Denver holding his mate as if Jeremy was made of spun glass and blushing as he was the center of the attention. When other couples started to fill the dance floor, Dominic stood up and walked to the middle of it without even putting Ani down.

His mate squeaked and grabbed his arms, but soon Dominic was putting him down and taking him in his arms as he started to sway gently with the music. Slowly Ani relaxed in his arms, making him feel warm and mushy inside, and so, so happy as he thought that this was the beginning of their life together.

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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