#MySexySaturday week #95 Our Sexy Galaxy

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is Our sexy Galaxy. Now, I’m not a Scifi author, but I do have some unconventional characters. I know it’s only six paragraphs, but the excerpt made a lot more sense like this, so… Anyway, it’s from my current WIP, book 4 in the Gillham Pack Series. For those wondering, it’s Duncan’s story, and he’s paired with a demon.

Demi jumped in the driver’s seat and Noah’s glance wandered toward Duncan. The man was whispering to his brother and Noah couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Duncan kept on looking his way, making the fact that he was the topic of the conversation clear.

Just as Demi turned the key in the ignition and started the car, Duncan walked closer and stuck his head through the open window on Noah’s side. He grabbed Noah’s face with both hands and kept him still as he pressed their lips together.

Noah gasped in surprise. He hadn’t expected the kiss, not after Demi had told Duncan they were a couple, but when Duncan slid his tongue between Noah’s lips and lightly stroked them, Noah didn’t protest. He gave in instead, opening his mouth a little wider and tentatively touching his own tongue to Duncan’s.

A hand on his arm pulled him away but Duncan held fast. He kissed Noah again, this time keeping his lips closed, and when they separated he reached in his pocket and took something out of it. He reached for Noah’s hand and pressed what felt like a piece of paper in it before kissing his cheek and whispering, “My phone number and address. Make good use of it.”

Only then did he step away. Demi didn’t wait for Duncan to try to get to Noah again. The car shot forward and Demi steered it outside the parking lot and on the road. Noah kept his hand closed around the note, wanting to keep it a secret. He knew Demi would try to talk him out of going to see Duncan, and he would be right to do that. Noah knew nothing good would come out of him going there or calling Duncan, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself from thinking about it.

He raised one hand to his lips and touched them in wonder, but he noticed Demi looking at him so he let it fall back in his lap.

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