#MySexySaturday week #96 A Good Ole Sexy Time

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is A Good Ole Sexy Time. It’s about normal people, the boys next door, the men doing their chores. The excerpt is from Xavier, out June 15.

He waited for Xavier to finish before he grabbed him and pulled him in his arms, cradling his mate’s soft body against his as he slanted their lips together. Xavier squeaked a bit, but he soon opened his mouth to Andy’s tongue, and Andy was free to lick and suck and just kiss Xavier for a while. Xavier wound his arms around Andy’s neck, and Andy took it as the permission to pull his mate even closer. He wanted so much more, but he knew Xavier wasn’t ready. He just hoped that the fact that Xavier hadn’t slapped him or stormed out of the kitchen was a good sign that it meant that the man was starting to accept what they were to each other.

Andy released Xavier’s mouth only when he felt his mate’s knees buckle, but even then he didn’t let him go. He just leaned their foreheads together and waited for their breathing to calm down.

“What…what was that for?” Xavier asked, his voice trembling.

Andy smiled and kissed his mate’s nose. “Well, your apron does say kiss the cook, so I complied.”

Xavier blushed and moved away from Andy, just enough to see that his apron really did say that. “I hadn’t even noticed. Besides, it’s your apron, not mine.”

“Considering I can ruin boiling water, I’m happy to give it to you. It suits you.”

Xavier snorted. “It’s an apron. I don’t think it suits anyone. You’re just saying that so that you can use the excuse to kiss me again.”

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