What I read in June-book recs.

June was a lucky month for me when  it comes to reading. I read a lot of good books, some of my favorite authors, some of authors I’d never read before but that I’ll definitely read again. so here goes:

The Boys on the Moutain- John Inman

Horror isn’t really my cup of tea usually. I’m a chicken. I’m scared of my own shadow, but I’d already read several books from this author, the blurb sounded good and I found the paperback at only 5 euros (about 6 dollars I think). I bought it, I read it, I even cried over it. It wasn’t an easy read at all and I know the boys will stay with me for a while, but it was also funny and scary and heartbreaking. I recommend this one if you like horror but beware, there’s non-con and torture in it.

Knight of Ocean Avenue- Tara Lain

This one is the exact opposite of The Boys on the Mountain. It was light, it was fluffy, it was funny. Perfect. I loved Billy and his sisters, I loved Shaz, I loved everything. Oh, and book 2 will be out in August!

The Rebuilding Year/Life, Some Assembly Required- Kaje Harper

Kaje Harper is an auto-buy for me. I reread The Rebuilding Year and went on with Life right after it. We get to see Ryan come out to his family, Torey going through big stuff, John and Ryan having to deal with Cynthia when her husband reveals just how much of a dick he is. Now I’m hoping we’ll see a third book, amybe with a wedding?

Husband Material- Xavier Mayne

You know The Bachelor, that reality show where men compete to marry the woman? Imagine what would happen if two of them fell in love with each other and you get Husband Material. I just had to read it, and even if the end left me a bit disappointed because of what one of MCs did, I loved it.

Steamroller- Mary Calmes

Mary Calmes. Do I have to say anything more? This was a cute college fairy tale instalove story where the normal guy meets the football star and they fall in love. Sweet.

Saving Faithless Creek- Andrew Grey

If it has Andrew Grey written on it I buy it. Simple as that. In fact, I read four of his books this month, but I digress. In this one Blair meets the bully who made his life a living hell in high school again, but Royal has changed. It was interesting to see how Blair got over the fact that the man he was falling in love with was his high school bully, and I loved it.

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