What I read in July-book recs.

The Lightening-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune

I just had to start with this one. I mean, a gay hornless unicorn named Gary? Really? I don’t know where the author finds his ideas, but T.J. Klune is an auto-buy for me, so here you go. Unicorns, half giants, wizards, dragons…do I need to say more?


Preston College series by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

I read this before going to the Euro Con Pride in Munich because I knew both the authors would be there and I loved both books, especially the second one.

Speedy Rewards by Jeff Erno

I liked how this one showed the lives of more than two characters starting from an accident and centered around a small convenience store. Some of the characters I hated, some I didn’t really care for, but it was interesting to read.

Out of the Rain by Renae Kaye

Another auto-buy author. I really wanted this story to be longer and to see more of the characters!


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