Jago excerpt

Jago, book 9 in the Gillham Pack Serie, will be out on Monday on the Extasy Books website http://www.extasybooks.com/jago/

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’ll be posting something else, this is the excerpt of Jago. Now you can all breathe again knowgin he’s fine 🙂


Corbin walked closer to the house. Jago didn’t move, and Corbin didn’t know what that meant. He stopped at the porch steps and hovered there until Jago sighed and sat up. “Corbin. I didn’t expect to see you so soon, or ever, really.”

Corbin stayed silent.

Jago smiled at bit, then patted the porch floor next to him. “Sit with me?”

Corbin obeyed, and he felt odd when he did. His stomach was upset again, and it became worse when Jago leaned against Corbin’s side. Corbin stayed still and Jago shook his head. He took Corbin’s hand and raised his arm, then leaned against Corbin’s side again, pulling Corbin’s arm around his own shoulders.

Corbin reacted on instincts he didn’t know he had and tightened his arm. Jago looked up and smiled, and Corbin’s heart skipped a beat. He had the compulsion to lean forward and kiss Jago, and he didn’t understand it. His instincts were honed on combat, destruction, and obedience, not on this.

“Relax,” Jago whispered, a smile still playing on his lips.


Jago raised his hand and pressed it against Corbin’s heart. “What do you want to do right now?”

“I don’t know.”

“Forget what you think you should be doing. Do you want to go inside? Or do you want to watch the stars? Maybe you’re hungry, or thirsty?”


Jago tweaked Corbin’s nipple and Corbin jumped. He looked at Jago with no idea what to do. “Come on, give me more than that.” He pressed his hand on Corbin’s heart again. “Think with your heart, not with your head. What do you want to do?”

Corbin looked at Jago, at his red hair, at the hundreds of freckles that dotted his nose and his cheeks. He’d never noticed there were so many of them until now, and he raised his free hand without even thinking about it. He paused when he realized it, but Jago didn’t move. He just stayed there, looking up at Corbin, smiling at him and silently encouraging him.

So Corbin gave up. He frowned and thought about what he wanted, even though he knew it went against everything he’d been taught. He moved again and gently placed one fingertip on Jago’s cheek.

Nothing happened. Corbin knew he was free, but he’d still felt like somehow someone would find out about him misbehaving. Instead, his heart beat faster and his breath hitched, and he cupped Jago’s cheek with his entire hand. Jago didn’t say anything. He just kept on smiling, those lips enticing Corbin to lean closer, to taste them.

Corbin leaned forward but paused just inches from Jago’s lips. He frowned. Could he really do this? The glint in Jago’s eyes made Corbin decide yes, he could, and he closed the space still between them.

Corbin pressed their lips together. It was…nice. Very nice. But he still couldn’t see why people liked kissing so much. It was only a press of the lips, and…oh.

Jago opened his lips and flicked the tip of his tongue against Corbin’s lips. Corbin didn’t know what to do, so he stuck his own tongue out and touched Jago’s. Jago chuckled and Corbin frowned, wondering if Jago was making fun of him. He started to lean back, but Jago threw his arm around Corbin’s neck and shifted to his side.

Corbin put his free hand on Jago’s hip. It fit so well, and he wondered if it was because they were mates, or just because it was Jago.

“Pay attention,” Jago whispered, his breath warm on Corbin’s lips.

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