Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know, it’s late (almost midnight for me, so Valentine’s Day is almost over), but I had family over today, then a talk with hubby about going to GRL in October (he said yes!). I didn’t write anything special this year, but Benoit’s Surprise Christmas ends on Valentine’s Day, I’ll share a bit of the last scene.



“You’re already home? Why are you already home?”

“Because I didn’t like the movie. Jake, why can’t I open the door?”

“Because I blocked it.”

Benoit took a deep breath. He was getting used to these Jake moments, when Jake gave as little information as possible and Benoit had to wrangle it out of him. “Why did you block it?”

“I have a surprise for you, but you can’t see it before I’m ready, and I wasn’t expecting you this early.”

Benoit thumped his forehead on the door. “Why didn’t you just send me a text or something?”

“Because I wasn’t expecting you!”

Benoit wasn’t even surprised to find Jake in his apartment. His boyfriend had spent most of his time there since they’d gotten together three months ago, to the point where Benoit wondered if it wouldn’t be easier—and cheaper—to just move in together. He hadn’t mentioned it to Jake yet, because it’d been only three months, but he was definitely thinking about it.

“Okay, so does this surprise need to be in the living room?”

“Uh, no.”

“Why don’t you let me in, then? I’ll stay in the living room.”

“Okay. Just… wait a second, okay?”

Benoit leaned against the wall beside his door and waited. Jake hadn’t closed the door, and Benoit heard plastic being moved, and then Jake closed the door and opened it again. He was flustered and wearing only a T-shirt and his boxer briefs.

Benoit gave him a grateful smile. “Thanks. Why didn’t you want to come with me, anyway? You didn’t tell me you’d come by today.”

“Surprise, remember?”

“Yeah, but why the surprise?”

Jake crossed his arms over his chest. “You don’t know what day today is, do you?”

“Uh, Sunday. Which is why we’re not at work.”

“Sunday the…?”

“Fourteenth, I think.”

Jake huffed. “Okay, I see you still don’t get it. Fourteenth of what month, Benoit?”

Benoit’s eyes widened. “You said you didn’t want to celebrate! That it was a Hallmark celebration for fools!”

“That’s what I wanted you to think.” Jake tsked. “It worked.”

“But I don’t have anything for you.” Benoit tried to think fast, but Valentine’s Day was already happening. He wouldn’t be able to find anything to buy for Jake.

“I don’t want anything. It’s not like I bought you something, it’s just… a surprise, something I thought about. Besides, it’ll be as much for you as for me.”

“Okay, fine. So, where is it?”

“You’re going to stay here and relax on the couch until I call you, okay?”

“And where are you going?”


“Oh, it’s that kind of surprise, then.”

Jake winked. “Exactly.”

Benoit smiled as he flopped on the couch, and Jake disappeared. He leaned his head backward and looked at the ceiling, but after five minutes Jake still hadn’t called him. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, but he couldn’t really concentrate on whatever was on. He was tense, waiting for Jake to call him, but more time passed and still nothing. Benoit toed off his shoes and his socks, then curled back on the couch.

It took Jake twenty minutes to call Benoit, and by then Benoit had abandoned trying to watch TV to bite at his thumbnail instead. He couldn’t help but wonder what Jake was doing. They’d had their fair share of sex over the past three months, but it had been fairly normal. The fact that Jake had actually organized something sexual was making Benoit nervous and made him wonder if there was something wrong with their sex life already.

“Ben? You can come now!”

Benoit stood up so quickly he nearly toppled over on the coffee table. He clicked the TV off and hurried to the bedroom. Should he already take his clothes off, or should he wait to see what Jake had done?

The bedroom door was open, and Benoit stepped in. His eyes went straight to the man standing at the foot of the bed, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or just gape.

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