#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Asher

Asher is book 1 in the Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later series. With this book I took a huge step forward in the time line, and the Council Enforcers Series will follow that timeline, so we’re twelve years in the future now. The kids I wrote about in the Whitedell and in the Gillham series are grown up, and this is their series.

I’m starting a newsletter! The subscribers will get a free short story as soon as I finish writing it. Every newsletter will go over the releases I had during that month, what’s next, what I’m working on, and fun facts about some of the animals my guys turn into 🙂 The first one will be out November 30, and this is the link to sign up http://eepurl.com/c-uvKn

Some things are not meant to stay hidden.

Asher has known Terry was his mate for years. They grew up together, and he kept his secret for fear of losing both his best friend and the only family he had after his aunt died. Besides, Terry is straight, and he has a girlfriend.

When Terry’s girlfriend dumps him, he goes home to his father—and Asher. He knows they’ll both take care of him, even though he’s not hurting as much as he should be. How can he when he’s been in love with Asher for more than ten years?

Asher is tasked to take a drunken Terry back home, and he makes the mistake of telling him they’re mates, thinking he’s sleeping and won’t even hear it. But Terry does, and he confronts Asher the next morning, angry and hurt.

Will Terry be able to get over those feelings and finally have Asher in his life as his mate?



6 thoughts on “#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Asher

  1. Will you be doing an updated reading order to allow for this series and the Council Enforcers book 11 etc, since that seems to follow the same timeline


  2. I loved this book. I like how a series goes through the parents into the children. I have read many series like that and loved it. Also, it gives you a sort of epilogue of the parents and how they are. I have read all your series and have not found one book I did not love. Keep up the excellent work and thank you.


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