#NewReleases @eXtasyBooks

I have a LOT of news today! I have not one, not two, but THREE new releases today, one of which is my hundredth books with eXtasy Books! To celebrate, I organized a Facebook event tomorrow, with a lot of authors who will come by for giveaways, games,… Make sure to come by and participate! https://www.facebook.com/events/361430801100456/

And now, the releases:

*Love for Christmas is my contribution to this year’s Holiday stories at eXtasy. It’s a contemporary, snowed in, second chance at love story that will make you feel good (and it has a cat named Clawdia!)

Two lonely men, a snowstorm, and a lost cat—what can go wrong…or right?

Jude isn’t hiding. No, the only reason he decided to spend the holidays in the isolated family cabin is that he wants time to think about his failed marriage and what’s next for him. He hadn’t expected the guy next door to come looking for his cat, and he certainly hadn’t expected the guy to know him.

Rupert’s cat, Clawdia, snuck out into the snowstorm, and there’s no way Rupert can leave her out there. When he knocks on his neighbor’s door, he’s stunned to find out he knows him—Jude’s the guy Rupert had a crush on in high school.

With Clawdia safe and a snowstorm raging outside, Jude and Rupert will have the time to get to know each other, and maybe they won’t be as alone at Christmas as they’d thought.



*Grey is also out today. It’s book 17 in the Council Enforcers Series.

Sometimes the best moment of your life becomes the worst.

Grey’s boyfriend just broke up with him—again. Grey’s love life has been a long trail of failed relationships, and he decides drowning his sorrows in alcohol might be a good idea. Turns out it is, although not the way he’d thought.

Patrick was supposed to spend the evening with his son, his ex-wife, and her new husband, but Rose’s daughter is sick, so he makes his way to the bar instead. There, he meets his mate when he rescues him from a pushy man trying to pick him up.

Patrick and Grey spend the night together, and Grey knows his life is about to change. He’d never have imagined how much, though. The day after he and Patrick meet, the body of a man with Grey’s name carved into his chest is found at the entrance of pack territory. Another body appears a few days later, making it clear someone is after Grey, especially after he realizes he’d hooked up with both the victims in the past.

Grey has no idea who the killer is, and Patrick feels at a loss. He’s a detective for the Gillham Police Department, but the only thing he cares about is keeping his mate safe. Will Patrick succeed, or will the killer manage to get his hands on Grey before anyone can stop him?



*And finally, the Winter Magic anthology is also out. It’s a follow up to the Spring Fever anthology, and I have a short story in it. The Vacation From Hell is a peek into what’s going on with the council assassins who have already gotten their story :). The other authors are Charlie Richards, Lynn Michaels, Liza Kay, Deja Black, and Suede Delray.



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