#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Leverage #ghosts #mystery

Leverage, book 3 in the Lost in Translation series, is out today!


Death isn’t always the end.

Dorran’s life could be better. He likes his job as a freelance translator, and he loves his boyfriend, but he and Eli have been fighting, and he’s not sure how to solve their problems. There’s nothing Dorran can do about seeing ghosts, no matter how much Eli hates it, and the situation with Eli’s family isn’t helping matters. Dorran wants to give Eli time to deal with his parents, but he also doesn’t want to be kept a secret.

Dorran temporarily forgets all about his problems when his neighbor, Emanuel, wakes him up at one in the morning and thrusts a bloody knife in his hands. Emanuel insists he didn’t kill his boyfriend. Dorran believes him, but everything points to him. Dorran isn’t sure he’ll be able to prove Emanuel had nothing to do with the murder, not even with the help of Francis, the ghost who shares his apartment. He’s going to try—there’s no way he’d letting an innocent man go to jail when he might be able to help, even though that might be the last drop that ends his relationship with Eli.

Extasy Books is having a 30% sale on all backlist books until July 14th, so if you’ve been waiting to buy some of my books, now’s your moment 🙂


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