#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #mmromance #paranormalromance #Mpreg Let Love In

Let Love In is out today! It’s book 5 in the Allegheny Shifters series.

Good things happen when you let love in—no matter how terrified you are.

Kari is a loner. He’s lived alone with his father for his entire life, and he wants that to change because his dad deserves better. That’s why he’s taken it upon himself to get rid of the evil men in the Allegheny forest, and he’s finally managed to convince the council to put him on the team that will help the carriers obtain their freedom.

Calder has been fascinated with Kari ever since Kari confessed he was the one who caused the death of Oscar, one of the council members who were abusing carriers. Kari is slippery and has kept his distance, so Calder is surprised but eager when Kari plainly tells him he wants him in his bed.

Kari hasn’t told Calder he’s a carrier. He doesn’t plan to, at least until the condom breaks and he ends up pregnant. But Kari doesn’t want people to know he’s a carrier, because too often carriers are protected, not sent out to save people from their abusers.

Will Kari have to choose between building a family with Calder and continuing the work he’s been doing for the past months? Or is there a way for him to have both?



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