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Surprise! A while ago I was asked by eXtasy if I could write something with a rabbit shifter, and the end result is Hopping to Happiness. It’s not related to any of my series and will probably be a standalone. You can download it on the eXtasy website, and it will be available on Amazon and the other online stores next week.

Still on eXtasy, you can preorder Davis, book 22 in the Council Enforcers Series, out March 13, while Ollie is now also available on Amazon (US link and Universal link)

A lonely man, a sweet boy, and a rabbit…shifter?

Bryce is a rabbit shifter recently kicked out of his nest because he’s gay. Not the best way to start a life on his own, especially when he’s caught and brought to an animal shelter. He supposes it’s better than becoming rabbit stew, but still. He wants to be free.

Then in comes the boy.

Jess’ son Taylor wants a pet, and for some reason, he picks the angriest rabbit Jess has ever seen. Jess isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but they bring Thumper home, and the rabbit settles down.

Then Jess wakes up to find a naked stranger standing in his living room.


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