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Legend of Bloody Mary is out today! It’s book 5 in the Urban Legends series, and possibly the last one. Never say never, though, especially with Dacey, Nick, and Charlie whispering in my ears. I just might write another two books later this year 🙂

You can find Legend of Bloody Mary on Amazon, both for sale and on KU.

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Davis, book 22 in the Council Enforcers Series, is also out today on Amazon (US and Universal links), and of course on eXtasy Books.

Speaking of eXtasy Books, there’s a sale going on! If you’re missing some of my back list, you should head here and check it out. I also have one free book on their website right now, For the Love if a Unicorn, which you can find here. If you were waiting to start the series, it’s your chance, especially with book three coming out next week!

Stay safe, and enjoy 🙂

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Davis is out on eXtasy Books! It’s book 22 in the Council Enforcers Series, and has one of my favorite scenes I’ve written. I got the idea of the meeting between Davis and Calvin a few years ago, but it didn’t fit any other book I wrote. I was delighted to be able to use it in this one! It features a small bat shifter who doesn’t know how to fly and a big man with a beard…I’ll let you read the rest!

You can download the book here. It will be out next week on Amazon and other online retailers.

Calvin is stronger than he thinks…

Davis is an enforcer. His job is to protect the pack in Gillham and the shifters and humans who live there. That’s the main reason he agrees to go undercover with the Beasts, the gang threatening everything Davis cares for. The second reason he takes the job is that everyone else on his team has a mate or a significant other, while he’s single.

Until he meets his mate.

Calvin is free after spending more than ten years in various labs, but he’s not the same man he was before. He’s a shifter now, and a bad one at that. No one ever taught him to shift back and forth or to fly in his bat form, and that leads to a lot of problems—like getting tangled in his mate’s beard.

Davis and Calvin don’t have the time to get to know each other before Davis has to leave. Calvin isn’t about to miss out on the chance to be with his mate, though

Even if it means going after him.


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Surprise! A while ago I was asked by eXtasy if I could write something with a rabbit shifter, and the end result is Hopping to Happiness. It’s not related to any of my series and will probably be a standalone. You can download it on the eXtasy website, and it will be available on Amazon and the other online stores next week.

Still on eXtasy, you can preorder Davis, book 22 in the Council Enforcers Series, out March 13, while Ollie is now also available on Amazon (US link and Universal link)

A lonely man, a sweet boy, and a rabbit…shifter?

Bryce is a rabbit shifter recently kicked out of his nest because he’s gay. Not the best way to start a life on his own, especially when he’s caught and brought to an animal shelter. He supposes it’s better than becoming rabbit stew, but still. He wants to be free.

Then in comes the boy.

Jess’ son Taylor wants a pet, and for some reason, he picks the angriest rabbit Jess has ever seen. Jess isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but they bring Thumper home, and the rabbit settles down.

Then Jess wakes up to find a naked stranger standing in his living room.


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Ollie is out today! It’s book 10 in the Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later series. You can expect release on the other websites in about one week depending on how long it takes to upload and release!

What happens when your fake boyfriend turns out to be your mate?

Teddy is focused on one thing, and one thing only—making his brother proud. That means finishing his Master’s degree with the highest grades possible, then finding a good job. Those plans don’t leave time for anything else, so when Teddy is told he needs a date for a birthday party, he lies and says he has one in the hopes that he’ll be able to wiggle his way out of the party.

He doesn’t.

Instead, he finds himself having to come up with a fake boyfriend, and he has no idea who can help him with that, so he’s lucky Sterling, a Gillham pack member and one of his acquaintances, comes up with someone.

When a pack member approaches Ollie and asks him if he wants to play fake boyfriend for a friend of his, Ollie agrees. He hopes it will help distract him from the jealousy he feels at the sight of his best friend with his mate. He loves Gabriel and Gabriel’s new mate, but he wants what they have, and he doesn’t know how to get it.

They’re both stunned when they meet at the party and realize they’re mates. Teddy doesn’t have time for Ollie, but can he really give up his only chance at being with his mate? And can Ollie get over what his parents did to him and trust Teddy, especially when Teddy is trying so hard to keep him at arm’s length?

eXtasy Books


I also have two preorders on eXtasy Books, Hopping to Happiness, which is a sweet short featuring a rabbit shifter (out March 6), and Davis, book 23 in the Council Enforcers series (out March 13).

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Legend of the Black-eyed Children is out today! It’s book 4 in the Urban Legends series and is available exclusively on Amazon, for sale and on Kindle Unlimited.

Cade thought he’d seen everything after the Bunny Man. Then he encounters black-eyed children.
Cade wants Fin to officially move in with him. The problem is that he can’t ask. It’s not because he doesn’t want to, but rather, because he’s terrified.
It’s easier to allow himself to be distracted by a series of disappearances, especially when Charlie, his personal assistant and a member of their weird family, is involved.
Then Charlie disappears. Cade and his friends don’t know where they are, but they have to find them before it’s too late.
Because the Black-eyed children have them, and that’s a death sentence.

Legend of the Black-eyed Children is book four in the Urban Legends series with an established relationship, demon-possessed children, a grumpy PI, his found family, and a cuddly hellhound.

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#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Dasha #paranormalromance #gayromance #mmromance + #giveaway

Dasha is out today on eXtasy Books! It’s book 9 in the Council Assassins Series.

Also, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, me and a bunch of other authors got together and organized a giveaway! Grab your free shorts before they’re gone! The giveaway will run until the 16th. Download the shorts here, and Dasha here.

First impressions aren’t always right.

Dasha has met his mate, and it’s a disaster. The man was present when the assassins and the enforcers raided the lab, and he was wearing a lab coat. Dasha has been living with the knowledge that the man he’s supposed to spend the rest of his life with is a monster ever since, but it’s eating at him, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Oxford was arrested while he was in that lab looking for his brother. He’s tried to tell the enforcers he had nothing to do with the scientists who worked there, but so far, no one has listened. He managed to escape his cell in the council jail, but he was caught again.

And this enforcer finally believes him.

When Dasha realizes Ox didn’t have anything to do with the lab, he and the other assassins agree to help him find his brother. They have no idea where to start, though, and they might be too late.


#NewRelease #paranormalromance #MMRomance Legend of the Bunny Man #urbanlegends + Surprise Fangs @eXtasyBooks #vampires

Two releases today!

Legend of the Bunny Man is book three in the Urban Legends series and is available on Amazon, bot for sale and on KU. If you like serial killer ghosts, this is for you! and if you were wondering–it IS an actual urban legend!

Surprise Fangs is book four in the Life with Fangs series and is available on eXtasy Books from today, next week on Amazon.

Legend of the Bunny Man

The Bunny Man is on the hunt.
Cade is more than happy to ignore any supernatural case that comes his way, but he knows the same doesn’t go for the others. He’s not surprised when Charlie pushes him to accept a case that involves several strange deaths, and he can’t deny he’s curious since the man who hired them is one of the police detectives working on the case.
Fin doesn’t mind ghosts, but he’d rather not have them try to kill him and the people he loves, which is exactly what happens when they go after the ghost killing people and hanging them from bridges. The bunny costume the serial killer ghost wears makes him even creepier, and with Dacey unsure if he can banish the ghost, one of them could become his next victim.
And that’s without adding Dacey’s abusive ex-boyfriend into the mix.

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Surprise Fangs

What happens when supernatural beings collide and hybrids are created?

Falkner is a dhampir, a human-vampire hybrid. They’re rare and not well accepted by the supernatural world in general, which is why he’s never told anyone, not even his best friend with benefits, Andrew. That plus knowing he’ll eventually lose him when Andrew falls in love pushed Falkner to try to put some distance between them.

Andrew knows something is going on with Falkner. He’s been in love with him for years, but he’s never had the guts to tell him, not even now that they’ve crossed the line from being only friends to being more. He’s terrified he’ll lose Falkner and their friendship, and those two things are the most important in his life.

The only reason Richie agreed to move in with the coven is that he wants to help James learn control over his shift and his wolf. He never expected to start falling in love with two vampires, especially since Falkner and Andrew are already an item—kind of.

Richie’s presence pushes Falkner and Andrew to finally talk, but he’s not the only new one in town. A group of dhampirs has moved in, and even though Falkner wants to believe the best of them, Andrew and Richie suspect there is more to the group than what they allow Falkner to see.

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#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Fire and Earth #lgbtromance #paranormalromance #mmromance #gayromance

Fire and Earth is out today on the eXtasy Books website, and I’m excited for this book! It’s book one in the Elemental Unions series, with the short Elemental Union being a prelude since Amazon doesn’t allow 0,5 books. Elemental Union was supposed to be a one off for the Scorched Souls anthology, but here I am, one more book later and an entire series planned 🙂 It’s not necessary to read Elemental Union to understand Fire and Earth, but Dakota and Benedict first meet in Elemental Union.

Fire and Earth on eXtasy Books

Elemental Union on eXtasy Books

Elemental Union Amazon US

Elemental Union Amazon Universal link

What happens when fire meets earth?

Benedict and everything he’s been working towards are in danger. He hates the thought of having a bodyguard, but his son Rhea doesn’t give him a choice in the matter. Benedict supposes he should be grateful that the man chosen to keep him safe is a friend of both Rhea and Rhea’s soulmate, but things are awkward, especially when Benedict and Dakota have to fake being in a relationship.

Dakota will do everything he has to in order to protect Benedict from Purity, the group that wants element wielders to stay separate. Rhea is the soulmate of one of Dakota’s best friends, which makes all of them family of a kind. Dakota doesn’t mind faking being in love with Benedict, mostly because he suspects it would be too easy for that to become reality.

When they’re attacked and the elements they control twine together rather than fight, they realize they’re mates. That won’t stop Purity, though. If anything, it will make the cult even more dangerous, because that’s exactly what they’re against—different elements mixing together like they did before the war.

While this book can be read as book one in the Elemental Unions series, the short Elemental Union is a prelude to it. It’s the story of how Rhea and Quillan met.


Also, Alignment is now available on Amazon!

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Happy holidays! I have two new releases for you today!

The first one is book two in the Urban Legends series, Legend of the Vanishing Hitchhikers. It’s available for sale and on Kindle Unlimited. If you like ghosts and mysteries (and Scooby Doo!) this might be the perfect book for you!

Where is Sarah?
Cade is sticking to normal cases. He swore to it after the hellhound thing, even though Fluffy now comes to the office every day and he’s as good as a puppy—as long as no one threatens his owner, Dacey. But Cade doesn’t want anything to do with all that weird stuff Dacey has brought with him, even though these new cases are bringing in work and money. He’s content to let Fin and Dacey work on them, even if it means he has to follow cheating spouses. Still, he’s more than happy to accept the missing person case when a woman comes in needing help to find her daughter, Sarah. 
Fin is working with Dacey on finding a ghost. He’d never thought he’d do anything like this a few months ago, yet here he is, and he loves it. It helps that the vanishing hitchhiker he meets along the way is a nice guy, even though he’s dead. But Fin is worried about Cade, who’s been pushing him away ever since they finally spent the night together. Fin isn’t giving up, even though breaking down Cade’s walls is hard work, but chasing ghosts and a missing girl isn’t making things easy on either of them.
But then their cases intersect, and Cade has to face the truth—maybe he’s looking for a ghost, too.

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Lievens_UrbanLegends_2A_Hitchickers SM

My second release is Alignment, book 4 in the Lost in Translation series. It’s avaibale on the eXtasyBooks website and will be up for preoder on Amazon shortly.

What happens when a dead man isn’t really dead?

Dorran’s father is supposed to be dead.

But he’s not.

Dorran is finally settling in—things with Eli’s parents are going well, even though Eli’s mom is still uncomfortable with their relationship, and Eli seems to be more accepting of Dorran’s ability to see ghosts and Francis’ presence in their life.

Then Dorran opens his door to find his father, Angus, on the other side.

Dorran grew up thinking his father was dead. That’s what his mother told him, and Dorran never doubted her. He clearly should have, though, and now he’s confused and unsure whether or not he wants a relationship with his father.

But when Angus is arrested for the murder of his mother-in-law, Dorran can’t abandon him. Angus might have done exactly that when Dorran was three, but that’s not the kind of man Dorran is.

eXtasy Books


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #Christmas #Paranormal #Romance #GLBT+ Christmas Swan and Galbraith

I have two releases today! Both are book one in a new series. The Green Hill Series is part of the same universe as Whitedell and Gillham, and you might remember meeting Galbraith in Michael from the Enforcers series. Christmas Swan is the first book in the Seven Brothers series, a series about seven swan shifter brothers.

Both books will be available next week on Amazon, so the links are to the eXtasy website.


Sometimes the unexpected is exactly what you need.

The Green Hill pride is a mess. Their alpha and their beta were arrested for attempted kidnapping, and the pride is leaderless and waiting for the council to decide what their fate will be. When the council calls to tell them they’re sending a temporary alpha, Liam is relieved. He doesn’t want the pride—his home since he was born—to disappear. Most pride members aren’t happy about someone who’s not one of them becoming their alpha, but if that’s what it takes to allow the pride to survive, Liam is all for it.

The Green Hill pride is just business for Galbraith. He’s worked for the council for a decade, and during that time, he’s been sent all over the country to help shifter groups heal and find their way out of trouble. He doesn’t expect the pride to be any different, and mostly, it’s not.

But one thing is.

The last thing both Gal and Liam expected was to realize they’re mates. Gal is here to work, not to be distracted by Liam, and they both know their bond could complicate everything and feed the dislike of the people who don’t want Gal there. But if Gal doesn’t manage to heal the pride and help them find a way to survive, it will disappear, and his relationship with Liam right along with it.


Christmas Swan

Naked and unconscious probably isn’t the best way to meet your mate for the first time.

Curtis didn’t expect to meet his mate while he was face-first and naked in the snow. He supposed he hadn’t exactly met Manuel that way, since he’d been unconscious, but that was probably not the best first impression.

Manuel wasn’t sure what to do with the naked, gorgeous man, but he took him home—and Curtis ran away.

But now small gifts have started appearing on Manuel’s doorstep, and he knows they’re from Curtis. With Christmas looming so close and Manuel’s mood being so dark because of his mother’s recent death, he’s not sure what to do about it—or about Curtis. Curtis seems to be intent on gently pushing his way into Manuel’s life, though, and Manuel doesn’t exactly mind.