What I read in July-book recs.

The Lightening-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune

I just had to start with this one. I mean, a gay hornless unicorn named Gary? Really? I don’t know where the author finds his ideas, but T.J. Klune is an auto-buy for me, so here you go. Unicorns, half giants, wizards, dragons…do I need to say more?


Preston College series by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

I read this before going to the Euro Con Pride in Munich because I knew both the authors would be there and I loved both books, especially the second one.

Speedy Rewards by Jeff Erno

I liked how this one showed the lives of more than two characters starting from an accident and centered around a small convenience store. Some of the characters I hated, some I didn’t really care for, but it was interesting to read.

Out of the Rain by Renae Kaye

Another auto-buy author. I really wanted this story to be longer and to see more of the characters!


What I read in June-book recs.

June was a lucky month for me when  it comes to reading. I read a lot of good books, some of my favorite authors, some of authors I’d never read before but that I’ll definitely read again. so here goes:

The Boys on the Moutain- John Inman

Horror isn’t really my cup of tea usually. I’m a chicken. I’m scared of my own shadow, but I’d already read several books from this author, the blurb sounded good and I found the paperback at only 5 euros (about 6 dollars I think). I bought it, I read it, I even cried over it. It wasn’t an easy read at all and I know the boys will stay with me for a while, but it was also funny and scary and heartbreaking. I recommend this one if you like horror but beware, there’s non-con and torture in it.

Knight of Ocean Avenue- Tara Lain

This one is the exact opposite of The Boys on the Mountain. It was light, it was fluffy, it was funny. Perfect. I loved Billy and his sisters, I loved Shaz, I loved everything. Oh, and book 2 will be out in August!

The Rebuilding Year/Life, Some Assembly Required- Kaje Harper

Kaje Harper is an auto-buy for me. I reread The Rebuilding Year and went on with Life right after it. We get to see Ryan come out to his family, Torey going through big stuff, John and Ryan having to deal with Cynthia when her husband reveals just how much of a dick he is. Now I’m hoping we’ll see a third book, amybe with a wedding?

Husband Material- Xavier Mayne

You know The Bachelor, that reality show where men compete to marry the woman? Imagine what would happen if two of them fell in love with each other and you get Husband Material. I just had to read it, and even if the end left me a bit disappointed because of what one of MCs did, I loved it.

Steamroller- Mary Calmes

Mary Calmes. Do I have to say anything more? This was a cute college fairy tale instalove story where the normal guy meets the football star and they fall in love. Sweet.

Saving Faithless Creek- Andrew Grey

If it has Andrew Grey written on it I buy it. Simple as that. In fact, I read four of his books this month, but I digress. In this one Blair meets the bully who made his life a living hell in high school again, but Royal has changed. It was interesting to see how Blair got over the fact that the man he was falling in love with was his high school bully, and I loved it.

Books I read in May

I know, I know. This post is kind of late, but I have a good excuse! My son got a stomach flu and he passed it on to me, so I’ve been sick for the past week or so. Now that I’m back to feeling human again, want to know what I read last month? It’s a fairly long list. I guess I was lucky to find so many great books this time 🙂

Chasing the rainbow- Kade Boehme

This is the kind of book you go to when you need sweet and reassuring. There’s very little angst, it’s funny, sexy, fluffy, all things everyone needs, which means you NEED this book! But it’s not only that. This book is also real. There’s no perfect character, no perfect dialogue, no perfect relationship.
I loved Jody. He’s gentle but not to the point that he lets others walk all over him. Jody knows what he wants and sticks to it even if it means he might not get the guy he wants, and it pays in the end.
Bobby…yes, I loved him too. He has to decide if Jody is worth coming out to his other, and we see him grow until he takes his decision and never looks back.
These two together? Adorable and sexy!
And a special mention goes to Carlo, Bobby’s brother, because he reminded me soooo much of my husband. Kade really nailed the Italian man here!

Latakia- J.F. Smith

This is a military romance. One of the characters is a SEAL, and it was interesting to see how Matt and Travis dealt with the DADT. I really loved this one (and Petey-gotta love Petey)!

Men of Honor series- S.E. Jakes

Military men and BDSM. Really good series if you like that kind of things 🙂

In the Absence of Light- Adrienne Wilder

I loved, loved this one so much I bought the paperback too. One of the main characters, Morgan, is autistic, and the way he sees the world is incredibly beautiful and so different from what we see. Even if he is autistic, he’s not disabled, far from it. He lives alone, has a job, and he lives a full life. His ‘disability’ is a part of him, but it takes second plan behind his sense of humor and his personality. The other half of the couple, Grant, is hesitant in the beginning, but Morgan quickly puts him in his place. I highly recommend this one!

Hard Hats series- the first books is by Kade Boehme and Piper Vaughn, the second one only Piper Vaughn

Both authors are automatic buys for me, so when I saw they’d written a book together I just had to have it. Niehter book deceived. The first one has a 16 years gap bewteen the two MCs (one is the best friend’s father of the other), while the other is about childhood enemies turn lovers. Loved both!

The Summer House- RJ Scott

I proofread this one for the author. Any book that makes me cry is a hit for me, so this one deserved my 5 stars. A veterinarian and a noble playboy, a small English town? Right up my alley! they both have a lot to work on, but it’ll be worth it, believe me.



What I read and loved last month.

I love it when authors I like rec books, and I often buy the ones that sound interesting. So what did I read in April?

Well, I read a lot of fanfiction. Like, a lot. I did read other books, though!

Sole Support- Kaje Harper

I love Kaje Harper. I love the way she uses words to spin wonderful stories, and this one was no different. It hit a painful spot in my heart because I know exactly how Kellen felt about his mother, having gone through a similar situation. It was very emotional and the characters were almost real. I highly recommend this one.

Spiretown- Lia Black

Spiretown is not something I would have chosen to read but it got assigned to me for a challenge, and I’m glad I read it. It’s a Urban Fantasy full of mages and magic and demons, there was a great world building behind the story and I loved, loved Logan. He was so fragile and strong at the same time, no wonder Collin fell in love with him.

The Lost Gods Series- Megan Derr

Again, not something I would have chosen myself. I don’t read fantasy often but after reading Treasure, the first book in this series, I just had to buy the other four books. Great world building with mermaids, dragons, shapeshifters, and you can’t help but wonder if all the Gods will manage to come back. Definitely recommended!